Over time some heating systems may experience a build up of iron oxide ‘sludge’.

Cleaning your central heating system is integral to its health and power flushing is a proven cleaning method due to the rapid clean it delivers.

Here are some typical symptoms to look out for if you system is suffering:

•Radiator cold spots
•Noisy boiler
•System taking a long time to heat up
•Boiler pump failure
•Boiler overheats and locks out

Done properly the process can take several hours, this time will be extended if the system is large or particularly dirty.

Here are some benefits to having your heating system power flushed:

•More even heat distribution throughout the property
•Improved energy savings
•Increased system reliability
•Faster heat recovery
•Extended system life

We use the latest technologies to perform a power flush efficiently and thoroughly. The inclusion of two commercial magnets works in conjunction with the power flushing machine to assist with the process. Once connected to your heating system a high quality cleaner is added and boiler set to maximum. As the solution works its way through it starts to loosen rust and debris as its pumped round the heating system. All radiators and pipework are power flushed until water samples are clean.

A high quality corrosion inhibitor is added to the clean water to protect your system.

Power Flushing